Kootenai County Indicators
Kootenai County Indicators
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Population & Age

0.1.1 Total Population & Annual Growth Rate 0.1.2 Median Age of the Population 0.1.3 Population by Age Groups 0.1.4 Veteran Population

Migration & Immigration

0.2.1 Residual Net Migration 0.2.2 Foreign-Born Population 0.2.3 Non-White Population as Share of Total 0.2.4 Non-White Population by Race 0.2.5 Non-English Speaking Population

In The Home

0.3.1 Average Household Size 0.3.2 Marital Status of Females 0.3.3 Marital Status of Males 0.3.4 Single Parent Families 0.3.5 Share of Households with Internet Connection 0.3.6 Share of Internet Connection by Type

Civic Involvement

0.4.1 Registered Voters 0.4.2 Voter Participation Rate

Economic Vitality   return to top


1.1.1 Per Capita Personal Income 1.1.2 Median Household Income 1.1.3 Income Distribution 1.1.4 Overall Average Annual Wage 1.1.5 Avg. Annual Wage in Top-4 Sectors

Economic Activity

1.2.1 Metro GDP & GDP per Capita 1.2.2 Personal Bankruptcy Filings 1.2.3 Total FDIC Bank Deposits

Labor Force

1.3.1 Civilian Labor Force & Participation Rate 1.3.2 Total Persons Employed & Unemployment Rate 1.3.3 Employment by Type of Employer 1.3.4 Employment Shares by Occupation

Real Estate

1.4.1 Net Market Value of Taxable Property 1.4.2 County Property Tax Revenue 1.4.3 Total Value of Building Permits 1.4.4 Residential Building Permits 1.4.5 Value of New Commercial Building Permits


1.5.1 Total Population Living in Poverty 1.5.2 USDA Supplemental Nutrition Program

Education   return to top

Early Learning

2.1.1 Infant and Toddler Program Enrollment 2.1.2 Pre-Literacy Skills for Children Entering K 2.1.3 Head Start Enrollment


2.2.1 Student Attendance per FTE Teacher 2.2.2 Teachers with Advanced Degrees 2.2.3 Children Receiving Special Education 2.2.4 On-Time High School Graduation Rate 2.2.5 Spending per Pupil at Public Schools

K-12 State Testing

2.3.1 State Standards: Math 2.3.2 State Standards: English Language Arts 2.3.3 State Standards: Science

Higher Education

2.4.1 Regional Higher Ed Graduation Rates 2.4.2 Degrees Granted by Regional Higher Ed

Educational Attainment

2.5.1 Population with High School Degree 2.5.2 Population with an Associate's Degree 2.5.3 Population with BA or Graduate Degree

Environment   return to top

Air & Water Quality

3.1.1 Number of Good Air Quality Days 3.1.2 PM 2.5 Concentration (24hr Annual Avg.) 3.1.3 Spokane River Overall Water Quality 3.1.4 Heavy Metals in the Spokane River 3.1.5 Phosphorus Content Water Quality Index 3.1.6 Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer at Post Falls 3.1.7 Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer at Coeur d'Alene

Public Works & Land Use

3.2.1 Water Consumption per Capita 3.2.2 Municipal Solid Waste Disposed 3.2.3 Municipal Solid Waste Recycled 3.2.4 Population Density 3.2.5 Natural Gas Consumption 3.2.6 Electricity Consumption

Health   return to top

Vital Statistics

4.1.1 Deaths by Leading Causes 4.1.2 Infant Mortality Rates 4.1.3 Pregnancies Ending in a Live Birth 4.1.4 Low Birth Weights 4.1.5 Pre-Term Births 4.1.6 First Trimester Prenatal Care Rate 4.1.7 Sexually Transmitted Disease Incidents

Youth Rates

4.2.1 Teen Birth Rates 4.2.2 Teen Suicides & Rate

Adult Rates

4.3.1 Share of Adults Overweight & Obese 4.3.2 Adult Diabetes Rates 4.3.3 Adult Suicides by Gender & Rate

Access to Care

4.4.1 Population Aged 18-64 Uninsured

Housing/Transportation   return to top


5.1.1 Median Home Price 5.1.2 All Buyers Affordability Index 5.1.3 Homeownership Rates by Income 5.1.4 Owner-Occupied Vacancy Rate 5.1.5 Homeowners Paying 30%+ of Income on Shelter 5.1.6 Share of Homes in a Specified Price Range 5.1.7 Foreclosure Rates 5.1.8 Rental Vacancy Rate 5.1.9 Renters Paying 30%+ of Income on Shelter 5.1.10 Fair Market Rent (Studio/One Bedroom) 5.1.11 Fair Market Rent (Two/Three Bedrooms) 5.1.12 Income Needed (Studio/One Bedroom) 5.1.13 Annual Income Needed (Two/Three Bedrooms) 5.1.14 One-Day Count of Homeless Persons


5.2.1 Alternative Modes of Commuter Transportation 5.2.2 Total Commuters & Average Time of Commute 5.2.3 Citylink Ridership

Public Safety   return to top

Crime Rates

6.1.1 Overall Adult Arrests: Total & Rate 6.1.2 Arrests for Violent Crimes: Total & Rate 6.1.3 Reported Violent Crimes 6.1.4 Reported Drug Crimes 6.1.5 Domestic Violence: Total & Rate 6.1.6 Cases of Child Abuse & Neglect 6.1.7 Reported Sexual Assault Crimes 6.1.8 Number of Sex Offenders 6.1.9 Traffic Fatalities 6.1.10 Traffic Fatalities Involving Alcohol 6.1.11 Hate Crime Incidents

Youth Rates

6.2.1 Overall Youth Deaths 6.2.2 Teen Violent Deaths 6.2.3 Youth Alcohol Violation Arrests 6.2.4 Youth Drug Crime Arrests 6.2.5 Youth Arrests for Violent Crimes 6.2.6 Overall Youth Arrests: Total & Rate


6.3.1 Number of Police Officers

Recreation & Tourism   return to top


7.1.1 Total Annual Lodging Sales 7.1.2 Travel & Convention Tax Revenues 7.1.3 Tourism Industry Employment 7.1.4 Food & Accommodation Businesses 7.1.5 Number of Arts-Related Businesses


7.2.1 Golf Courses 7.2.2 ID Panhandle Natl Forests User Fees